Saturday, March 14, 2009

Card Holder Tutorial

Hi Stampers! Putting together a 3-d tutorial has been a challenge, especially since I still don't have any photo-editing software and lighting is always an issue. Anyway, I hope you can get through it enough to make some of these card holders/organizers. They are really quite easy and each section can go together in just a few minutes. Decorating time, of course, depends on you!!!

What you need:
1--12x12 piece up cardstock cut to 11"x12"
sticky strip or other very strong adhesive
Scor-Pal or cutter with a scoring blade

What you might want to add:
extra cardstock for base
designer pape
To start:

On the 12" side, score the cardstock at 6" and 10.5".

On the 11" side, score the cardstock at 4.5" and 6.5". Make a small mark 1/2" outside of your score line--at 4" and 7".

On the 12" sides, you will need to make a small mark 2-1/4" from your center score line. On one side that will be at 3-3/4" and the other side will be at 8-1/4". This is to get a diagonal cut line. Now line up your small marks on the cutter (see pic)

Cut both sides.

Next, on each 12 " side cut along the score lines in to the score line. Hmm...that's tricky to describe but you will end up with a cut along the 6" score and the 10.5" score. Hopefully the next picture will help.

The last score will be on the middle section of each 12" side. I think it is easiest to fold up the other flaps so you don't score them by mistake and then score it right in the middle which is 2-1/4" from the edge, see picture. It will also help assembly if you trim a little from the edge so it folds up well.

Now you are ready to assemble. **If you are going to decorate this by stamping, you need to have that done before assembling for best results.

Start by placing sticky strip on the center flaps as shown.

Fold up the front (short edge) as shown.

The center flaps will fold over this.

Now you will attach the sides. And you have to decide if you like them inside or outside. It will be more structurally sound if you put them inside. BUT, I like the cleaner look of having them outside. So try it out before you put any sticky strip on!!

This shows one side in.

This shows the same side on the outside.

And here is the completed project. Check yesterday's post to see the double one with a base.

I hope you like this as much as I do!! I can't wait to make some for each month to store my Cards of the Month Club cards. Have a great weekend and thanks so much for stopping by!


Emily said...

I love this idea and great teaching!!!! I'm sure I could make this but w/ a score pal would be easier!!!!

Danni said...

Thanks for doing this!! It looks like you did an awesome job!!

Regina said...

This is a great tutorial! Wonderful instructions and so detailed! Thanks!

Heather said...


You did a great job on this!!! I love it!!! The tutorial is easy to follow and I will have to be doing one of these this week too!!!

Great job!!!


Janna said...

wow!!! This is impressive!!! You made a fantastic tutorial. very detail but easy to understand! I can't wait to try this out and make this gorgeous box! I can only hope mine looks half as good as yours!