Friday, March 13, 2009

Card Holder

Good morning, Stampers! I have pictures today of the card holder that I am so jazzed about. Yes, you can decorate it up a whole lot more and have it be totally awesome--mine was created quick at midnight in order to show a client the following day.
Each section is created individually with a 12x11 piece of cs so you can hook as many together as you need. Pretty cool, huh?


I hope to get the tutorial done tonight. I started last night, but scored the darn thing wrong and I certainly don't want to teach you that!! Here's a picture with A2 cards in it. Maybe it's silly, but this is one of the BEST things I have made--I tend to rate things higher that have a good use value. ;) I make cards all the time and just set them in a pile so this will be perfect.

Oh, and I certainly can't take credit for this awesome idea. I got it from Blythe. However, if you try to follow her tutorial there are a few things missing I noticed which is why I am making one myself. So I hope you are excited, too! If you make some leave me a link because there's a good chance they will be more awesome than mine!!!


Thanks for stopping by! Tasha

PS The COTM release is Sunday--along with blog candy!!


Danni said...

Okay this is seriously cute!! I so can't wait to see the tutorial!! Great job!

Emily said...

what a great gift idea!!!

Janna said...

Tasha I love this idea!!! What a great and fashionable way to organize your cards! You could even color coordinate them with your decor or by season or holiay! So, so amazing! I love your paper choice on this one and the beautiful ribbon and hardware! Great idea! Can't wait to see the tutorial!

BTW, glad you liked my joke. I just couldn't help myself!


Rebecca said...

Can't wait to see your tutorial. This looks like a great idea!

Dana Brooks said...

Love the cards and card holder. I look forward to the tutorial.

It is so interesting how Heather, Emily and you all have different styles.

I cannot wait till we can finish our cards. The night of the card party I stayed up till 1 am to finish the cards.

Take care,

Heather said...

Hey Tasha,

I really like how this came out and it is a very cute way to store cards. I will have to be making some of these for my cards too!!!

Great idea and love that you did a tutorial too!!!