Friday, May 1, 2009

Make It Count!

Hi Stampers! Today I want to share an article about scrapbooking that I wrote. When I take the time to get out my pictures and focus on getting them in an album, I am a woman possessed. And it took me a while to realize not everyone does it like me. Case in point: the first time I went to a "crop", we all shared our progress at the end (of 4 hours). Most had done 1-5 pages. I did 22! Having 2 small children at home, I was not about to waste a minute of my time!!
So how did I do it? I have gone through my process and hope my steps will help you as well.

Getting The Most Out of Your Scrapbooking Time
As with anything, organization is key. And you have to plan ahead. Scrapbooking can be such a fun and fulfilling hobby or it can be frustrating, expensive, and messy. If you are way behind, or just starting from lots of pictures I recommend picking a year. It doesn't really matter which year you do first, you're going to get them all done eventually.

Well before your scrapbooking time, you need to get your pictures ready. For many of us, that means getting them printed. I know lots of families that take lots of pictures that never make it out of the camera/computer. If time is an issue, consider looking through them quickly and simply removing the definitely bad ones. Don't get bogged down, cropping, editing, and deciding which one is "the best" because they will look different in real life--trust me. Then get them printed!

Now that you have pictures printed or gathered up you have another prep session which involves sorting your pictures. This is the first of:

5 Steps To Dominate Scrapbooking

  1. Sort your pictures by month. Have a folder or page protecter or envelope for each month--labeled. That way if you have to put everything way, it's easy to start right where you left off. Still best if you can do this before your scrapbooking session.

  2. Using the pictures from just one month, sort them into events or categories: Bob's birthday party, swim lessons, picnic day. Evaluate the pictures in each category and choose which to use. Guess what? If you have kids at home, they will like to have those leftover pictures.

  3. Get out your sketches or scrap maps. Working with one event, choose colors and lay out your cardstock. It is so much quicker to have a sketch available to get going. For even faster results you can use a Simply Scrappin' kit which has coordinating cardstock and embellishments all ready to go.

  4. The fun part! Put your pages together, get your pictures on, and embellish to your heart's content.

  5. Journal it. Do not skip this step! I know you may not be in the mood to reminisce and find the right words, etc. That's ok but make sure you get the date, the subject, and the place. The sappy stuff can be added later. :)

After you complete one event, you just repeat steps 3-5 until the month is done. That is the best feeling! Then grab the next month and start over at step 2. Repeat this process until you are all caught up.

That's really all there is to it. You can break it into bits and do a month at a time or several months at once. Try it, I think you'll be happy with the results.

Author Tasha Hickert owns a rubber stamping and scrapbooking business. She started scrapbooking before the word existed and has been stamping for 11 years. For more tips or supplies, contact her at or visit her blog .

I'll be back tomorrow for show and tell. Have a Fabulous Friday and thanks for stopping by! Tasha

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