Sunday, October 19, 2008

Go, Go, Go and Wait, Wait, Wait

The story of our life right now is GO! Last week I helped in some way every day at the grade school. Seems as though I should get a paycheck now! It was also time for my "Popcorn Kernel" duties with the scouts. And the church carnival took place last night. So a lot have things have cleared off my schedule--whew!
On Thursday was the last football game. Both the A and B teams won which meant the A team finished the season undefeated--woohoo! The parents had a end-of-season chili meal after the game which was fun even when the lights got shut off! Bad news is ds (dear son) got hurt the second play of the game. Of course, he continued to play but we could tell he didn't look right. I took him in Friday to have the sore shoulder looked at and spent a couple hours on a roller coaster of emotion after being told the collar bone was fractured, maybe torn ligaments, etc. (of course I am thinking "oh crap, he's too young for surgery"). But the orthepedic/sports dr. said no fracture and we have to wait to see damage of tendons/ligaments. Luckily (?) the kids were out of school Friday so ds didn't have to miss anything. And lucky for me, my neighbor/friend/upline was home and took the younger two after the first dr. visit. What would we moms do without our support system of friends?
So we will continues to wait and pray that all turns out well. We go back next week to find out the course of action.
As you can guess I have LOTS of thank yous I need to get out, especially to all those that helped make the carnival successful. So check back tomorrow, I promise to have some posted.
Till next time, Tasha

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Heather said...

Glad to help any time! I can not wait to see the thank you's you come up with for Carnival, and if you need to borrow anything we are home today! Looking forward to hearing how it all went to! Saw your van come home about 9:30pm, bet you are totally bushed!