Monday, October 27, 2008

Time's Running Out--Don't Miss It!

Yes, the Big Shot Party is almost over. Don't miss out on this never-to-be-offered again savings. If you have even remotely thought about getting the Big Shot, this is the time. Not sure what the Big Shot is? Just click on the pictures at the Party Page and you will get the catalog description. Remember, my sale ends at midnight CST. I would hate for you to miss it!
Coming in November I will start featuring projects using the Big Shot so you will have constant inspiration (although you will probably be too excited to need them!).
On the homefront, we are still waiting to hear the MRI results on ds. If you feel inclined, say a little prayer that the shoulder muscles are stretched not torn (or torn off). In the meantime the waiting has ended in our pastoral search. Hooray! Our committee interviewed a wonderful young pastor and his family. Of course, there are still steps/process to follow but the best part is my committee's responsiblities are over! That was a long haul since I accepted that position in January.
Thanks for stopping by today! I wish you a wonderful week and promise to have some "show and tell" again on Tuesday.
Till next time, Tasha

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