Friday, October 10, 2008

Like Winning The Lottery!

I got my demo. starter kit yesterday. Wowee...that's a lot of stuff! Yes, I do realize I paid for it but it's still a lot of stuff and just seems like Christmas or the lottery or something. In fact, I took a picture to show--too bad I can't capture the feeling that all this elicits. Now I just have to find a little time to use it.

In case you were wondering we won the football game yesterday 14-8. It was a nail-biter clear down to the last 11 seconds! We played our biggest rival and they are a lot larger school system so it was fun to win. I also got to go to my first middle school PTO meeting yesterday. They don't have any fundraisers except concessions--hooray! It is much less involved than at the grade school level.


This morning has been crazy already. I had to start a roaster full of ham and beans for my DH to take to work tonight and bake a cake first thing. Today is a special breakfast at the grade school where some of the high school football players come and eat with the little kids. They sign autographs, etc.--really a neat idea. Except our bus gets there too late so I have to actually take the kids on the days this happens. That was fine because I had to drop off some things at the school early anyway. But as I'm leaving my oldest DS asks if he me for a bag of chips or some kind of junk food. We don't have ANYTHING and they are supposed to bring it for a class party. So after dropping the other 2 I have to run to Kwik Shop. Do you have any idea how much chips cost at a convenience store?! Anyway I race back and made it before his bus came.


That's all I have time for today, I am off to said grade school to help with Discovery Day.

Thanks for stopping by! Till next time, Tasha

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Heather said...

It is a cool feeling when that mother load comes in isn't it!

Well just wanted to let you know. I did the same thing you did, and because of the address it had I was afraid last night it would do this, but your link no longer takes you to your store, but SU store where they have to find a Demo. So you need to change your link to take them to your DWBS home page and they can click from there to go shopping. That will take them to your store instead of SU's shopping page.

I added all the catalogs to my site last night and 2 of them I had them go to my home page, and 2 of them I had them go to my store, and today it referted back to SU's store. So I changed them all to go to my homepage and they could get to my store from there!

In case I do not get to talk to you have a great Day and weekend!