Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Glad To Be Home...I Think

Well, some of us made it back late this afternoon. Hard to believe I was on the eastern edge of Iowa yesterday and southcentral KS today. Pretty proud of this picture that I managed to snap. As I was driving into Davenport, I saw that neat sign and had to extract the camera from it's case in my purse, get my window down, take the picture with my left hand while praying I didn't drop the camera--and not crash!

The weather was beautiful while we were there. We watched the thermometer on the van today and it was below 70-degrees all the way till we hit Kansas City. And when we turned off the highway to head to our neighborhood, this is what we saw!!

Maybe I'm not ready to be home.

Back tomorrow with the August Cards of the Month. Thanks for stopping by!



Eugene said...

105 degrees? No thanks, Tasha, will take the cool of New England. Though I do like your juggling act with the camera. No blur even.
Cool cardin',

Anonymous said...

I saw that in my car too! We came back from Minnesota heading to Texas and watched the temp RISE!
Ours said 110 in Kansas!