Monday, September 14, 2009

State Fair Update: Personal Post

I usually don't have a lot of personal info. here but the state fair is a big deal in our family so here's a little bit about how the weekend turned out. Don't worry, I have a mojo card to share, the blog candy preview, and the first chance to win all coming later today.
My oldest won 2nd in the Curley's bbq sauce competition! That was his only entry.

My younger son won 7 ribbons for entries in the scout building! But he was completely bummed that he didn't win the Spam jr. chef yesterday.

My daughter got a first on her cinnamon rolls and second for the oatmeal cookies. However, that was eclipsed by her big win as Spam Jr. Chef! For those of you close enough to get the Wichita channels, she will make her recipe on the Noon Show on Sept. 29. (Ironically, this airs at 11 am)

Oh, and I'll be on there with her since I placed 3rd in the Spam Champion adult competition. That was my only fair entry since I was so busy helping the kids prepare.

In case you are wondering, YES, this takes a big toll on the home life. Here is what my kitchen looked like this morning. It actually looked like this everyday this week and I would clean it all up (sometimes twice) but last night I was just too tired!

Tomorrow is the Extra Special cookie contest for kids sponsored by King Arthur Flour. Their prize is pretty good but guess what? I think we're going to pass. :) Today is dollar day for the rides so we will take the younger two right after school. Somehow, I think they'll like that better than cooking!



Last night, after getting home about 5:30, I decided I was too tired to cook dinner. None of the kids seemed hungry and the husband was at work so I thought I would just let them eat cookies!!! And let me say, these are cookies that I am baking up because the dough is in the fridge. They are hot, fresh chocolate chip and also molasses cookies. About 6 this conversation took place with my middle child.

child: what's for dinner mom

me: just eat some cookies

child: what?

me: just eat some cookies

child: okay, can I have two?

me: yes, but have a glass of milk too (and then feeling guilty) and here eat some of this (leftover meat stuffed bread--2nd place winner)

So then about 6:30 he comes to me and this coversation takes place:

child: Mom, what's for dinner

me: I told you--cookies

child: no, seriously

me: (thinking ugh! seriously, you expect me to cook something?) well...I guess I could make milkshakes (thinking the only fruit I have in the house are bananas that are too ripe to be eaten but would make a great milkshake)

child: but then what would we have for dessert?

me: (about to die laughing) fine! I just remembered we have bacon, I will make bacon and eggs

child: so then we can have cookies for dessert?

I realize I should be happy that my children know that cookies aren't a meal. But last night I simply found it irritating!

Thanks for stopping by! I will have the stamping post up by afternoon.



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I loved the conversation with your middle child! I can see his expressions and hear his voice as I was reading it! Gotta love him :)