Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Chance To Win

To get another entry for the Rubber Stamping Halloween Blog Candy just answer the following question today.

What is your favorite Halloween candy?
Being a traditional kind of girl, mine is candy corn. Especially if they're in a dish mixed with dry roasted peanuts. My great aunt used to have that out every fall so that combo instantly brings back fond memories of being at her house. Due to a nut allergy in my own home, we do not have this in our house! And my kids would probably think it was gross. ;)
I look forward to hearing your favorite! Thanks for stopping by today, Tasha
  • watch for Cards of the Month release later today


for2nately said...

Hi Tasha!
candy corn is pretty yummy but I guess my favorite has to be Twix. I always grab them out of my kids' bags-it's the only time of the year that I really eat candy! MMM! thanks for the chance to win!

Heather Schlatter said...

You know me and my Candy I love it all, but I really love the chewy things like gum, and taffy, and carmels, and skittles and m&m's and sweet fish, anything really love them all!!!

I do love the nut and candy corn mixes because another thing that I love is to have something salty then something sweet and over and over and over again maybe that is why I feel so gross and overweight???


Heather Schlatter said...
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Princess Danell said...

Definitely Candy Corn. I put two on my front teeth to look like fangs. My kids already know I am wierd.

itsabrt said...

My favorite Halloween candy is the bitohoneys! Beth

Kathy H said...

caramel twix