Sunday, December 14, 2008

'Tis the Season

I love packaging gifts--always have. Several years ago I gave my aunt a tea bag for her birthday. That's it. Not a box. One. That was all that fit in this cute little pocket thing I had made (and was totally in love with). But it didn't matter that it was only one because the thing looked fabulous!! Oh, the power of packaging...

This is one of Lauren's mytimeless templates called "for keepsake box". I found a pink and rose crystal cross necklace for my prayer partner at church. We reveal our identities and give a gift in Dec. She had listed rose as her favorite color so my base color is rose red with versamark floral background. Wild wasabi is the green and dsp is from one of the Christmas packs. Felt flowers, die cut flower from big shot starter kit, ice rhinestone brad, rose ribbon and brown felt ribbon were all used to embellish. Everything is SU.

This next gift was for dd's friend who turned 7. Another timeless template for the clutch. I winged it for the notepad and colorbox. Hard to tell but the crayon box is 24-set and fits in the clutch. We also included 2 lipglosses that fit in perfectly beside the crayons. I added a little piece of velcro to the end of the clutch and the back of the notebook since dd thought they needed to hook together.
Colors are purely pomegranate (retired) and close to cocoa, dsp is from the new set for Valentine's day. Her name is stamped in regal rose though it looks red here and coated in crystal effects.
This next pic. is awful and I was very disappointed. Guess I need to clean the screen on my camera! Anyway if you squint when you look at it the focus is better. Shows the details on the clutch handle. And color is bad too.
So that's what I did on Saturday in between sorting scout popcorn orders and running kids to birthday parties--oh yeah, and a little shopping. Dh and I did go to a Christmas party that evening and had a great time but didn't get back till 2am!!
Thanks for stopping by! Till next time, Tasha


Heather said...

Ohhhhhh I love both of these!!! Wish my printer was working!!!!

I bet she loved this gift!!!

Taylor and her parents go to our church. Piper told me who taylor in Graces class was and I realized we knew them.

I loved this DP pack, and I neve did by any of it now it is gone!!!

Great gifts and the packaging is what it is all about you are right.

Like you have the time, but Photoshop can sharpen this picture up and fix some of the color too. I need to let you copy my newer version it is so much easier than the old version!!!

Thanks for sharing I love love love them!!!


Emily said...

soo cute, i am scared of the boxed gifts...I bet the score - pal really helps