Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Gift Boxes

I'm starting to feel like one of the elves! This combo was for dd's teacher. The top one has chocolates, of course, and the bottom "box" has the second best thing in the world--a stamp set!

For the small box I used the template from scs for the 3x3 Love Notes Box, but scored it wrong so then just had to make a lid to fit!! Colors are real red, garden green, and chocolate chip. The tag was made with the Country Living kit dsp star and the ENJOY I stamped and punched out just the middle with the 1.25" circle. I used craft white for the "to" and "from".

The label on the small box is a rub-on. The green layer is stamped in craft white with the small snowflake from the Country Living and a small poinsettia that I have no idea what set it came from!! The green snowflakes on the craft are the center of the stamp that I used on the larger box. I have no clue what set it was in either! Maybe tomorrow I will take a picture of the chaos I am working in!


This last gift is for ds's teacher. It is several types of chocolates that I made this year. The top box is the 3x3 Love Notes that I messed up again! The bottom box is the A2 that Beate shared on scs, see previous post for the link. The base color is baja blue.

I also did a really cool jar candle for the oldest ds's homeroom teacher using rub-ons, but had to pack it too fast for even a quick pic. Those rub-ons can be a real life-saver by making things look awesome so quickly!

Thanks for stopping by today! Till next time, Tasha


Heather said...

So Cute!!! I am working on editing the pictures of my creations for Teachers right now.

Love the stuff even if it is brown!!!

Great Job Tasha!!

Wow a stamp set which one???


Emily said...

I love the boxed sets, though I don't know if I want to try them, I don't follow instructions very well, even EAston has to remind me :), Of course I love the colors, brown is one of my favorites!!!!!

Donna said...

Really cute boxes! Love them. I love snowflakes on anything.