Sunday, December 14, 2008

Donate Life Float

The info. below is from dh's aunt and uncle. Kim is his first cousin and Kevin was her 21-year-old son, a baseball player who died of head injuries from a skateboarding accident.

As many of you may already know ,our daughter, Kim, will be on the 2009 Donate Life Float in the RoseBowl Parade in Pasadena, CA. We will go out there for the big doings. She will be on float # 69, DONATE LIFE FLOAT. There are 89 floats in the parade. She was one of 26 slelected because of our grandson, Kevin Morsching, after he died in 2007 and was an organ donor and 100% donatable. We are asking a favor of everyone. Go to the Web Site and click on the float riders and click on Kim Morsching's picture (just scan down thru the pictures of the 26 riders) and click on Kim's picture. We hope that this will get Kim on the photographers side of the float and then we will all be able to see her. Do this as often as you like as they like to see the hits on the site as that shows support for the program, donate life. So far we know Kevin has helped 55 people besides the major organs that he donated and all are working well. It is such comfort to know he has made so many happy. He definitely brought happiness to us.
Thanks to everyone.
Thad and Betty


Emily said...

How sad, yet it makes me thankfull for all I have!!!!!

Heather said...

A very good cause!!! I will go click on her picture!!