Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, Stampers! I realize not everyone celebrates this day, but if you do I hope that you are lucky enough to be able to spend some time this weekend with your family. And I am honored that you took the time to visit today because I most certainly enjoy my "stamping family".
Here is the card I made for you. A clean and simple style full of symbolism.
We will be celebrating with my family this year. Since my husband will be working (a definite negative to his otherwise great job) I decided I wasn't up to driving 9 hours to his family. Ends up that was a good decision because my sister-in-law who was hosting (hi Monica!) had a business trip come up and will be flying out mid-afternoon. They certainly didn't need my rowdy bunch there while she tries to get ready!
I plan on eating lots of jelly beans and chocolate eggs--hope you do too! Tasha


Eugene said...

Beat you to the jelly beans, Tasha, and am regretting it. Pounds to walk off now! Hope I can do it! Comfort in your bright Easter card though. Simple but elegant, embellishment striking. And a blessed Easter to you too, and the family!
Cool cardin',

Heather said...

Happy Easter,

I think this card turned out really good!!! I love that cross and what people do with it!!

You did a very pretty job with it!!


Emily said...

I love Yellow and white, Easter colors for sure, I love this card!!!

Janna said...

Happy Easter to you too Tasha!!! So, sorry I haven't been around in awhile! I am slowly catching up!! This is just beautiful! The cross is so striking against all the white and hte texture in the background is beautiful!! The little flowers at the bottom are gorgeous!