Monday, August 3, 2009

The Little Things

Two little things happened today that make me glad that I live where I do.
At 8:20 I received a phone call from our bank (actually it's a credit union) that our new mortgage bank had sent two automatic payment requests and they were wondering if this was correct.
How nice is that?
Of course it was not right and when I called the mortgage bank they already knew there was a problem and stated that they would cover any fees. When I explained that there were no fees because my local bank had called me and was waiting to hear from them before proceeding, the mortgage bank employees were amazed.
And later this morning when I was taking care of the vacationing neighbor's yard, the mail man was coming down the street. (We have those out by the street-type boxes). I went out to the street and asked him if I could simply have their mail since the mail box was knocked/blown down the night they left.
He gave it to me without batting an eye and wished me a good day.
I don't know him, lately it's been a lady carrier.
But wasn't that nice?
In this day of bar codes and picture IDs, it's nice when someone just believes you.
Maybe I'm just in a good mood because I finished up the project for my August newsletter! If you're not on the mailing list you can sign-up in the upper left side of the blog. The newsletter goes out tomorrow!
Have a great day wherever you live!!


Carolyn said...

This has nothing to do with your little things, although those were nice, this is about your comment to OMSH's post at thepioneerwoman's homeschooling section. you mentioned to forget the books and just let your kids watch hours of tv and they'll learn all sort of important things.

It cracked me up!!! my kids come to work with me. my oldest is 5 and this summer, before we start into homeschooling kindergarten, he's watched quite a bit of cartoons. he doesn't talk much about the cartoon characters and their crazy ways. no. he talks about the commericals!! he points out debbie meyer green bags in the store and assures me that my fruits and vegetables will last (however much) longer if i use them. Billy Mayes was his buddy! i told my son that he had past away and he was very sad and pointed Billy out to me the rest of the week every time one of his commercials came on. i didn't count, it was too numerous.

i'll stop boring you now... thank you for making me laugh. i'll go actually read your blog now. :)

Sweet Momiji said...

It seem fitting that I post on this blog. lol

I have something for you, go to my blog to find it! :)