Sunday, August 2, 2009

And the Lost Were Found...

Yesterday after my ritual Unscripted Sketch project, I made myself spend some time sorting through the piles that have accumlated on the edges of my workspaces. It's always good to do that even if it isn't fun!
I found:
  • the anniversary card for my in-laws (lost in May)
  • 8!! sticky note pads (ones I'm using, not purchased for projects)
  • 2 other note pads
  • a pack of RSVP pens (also lost in May)
  • 1 of my VersaMark pads (oh happy day)
  • 4 projects I had started and not completed

Hmm...glad I didn't blame the kids when I couldn't find any sticky notes!!

Then I rewarded myself by taking the time to make this.
I had really planned on making a religious card since it would post on Sunday but after all that cleaning I needed a drink--lol!

I just love these drink packets. They make such a fun gift and I need to deliver this birthday basket to a friend today!

This basket/tag was one of my unfinished projects. I received it at Stampin' Up!s regional seminar last fall. (Did I just say that out loud?) That's why it uses kiwi kiss and tangerine tango which are now retired.

The stamp sets I used are Best Wishes and More (yes, again) and Fundamental Phrases.

Have a great Sunday! And thanks for stopping by,



itsabrt said...

So glad you found all the lost! What a charming gift basket Tasha I love the tag! BR-T

Sweet Momiji said...

Hahaha! It's untelling what I'd find If I cleaned my workspace! LoL

This is a really cute project! Great job!


Rebecca said...

My desk is so cluttered right now.....I hate to think what I might find. Love this little basket and tag combo. What a great way to deliver some little treats.