Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where Did the Weekend Go?

Okay, here is the project I was so excited about Friday! In just a few minutes, I made this clock! Talk about cheerful...he's been smiling at us all weekend.

Jack-o-lantern clock with decor elements spooky expressions

I started with an inexpensive clock from Dollar General.

  • Remove the clock from the box, flip over and remove all the screws around the outside which should remove the frame and glass.

  • The clock hands come off fairly easily, just be sure to lift them one at a time

  • Use the frame as a template, hold pencil straight up and draw a circle

  • my clock was larger than 8-1/2" so I layed 2 pieces of cardstock side-by-side so there is a large piece and an extra sliver

  • center large piece over clock face and press to get the center mark

  • cut or punch a hole in the center

  • apply face to the front using hole as a guide for the nose

  • apply Tombow mono adhesive to the back of the orange pieces and let dry

  • attach orange pieces to clock front

  • pop clock hands back on

  • lay glass and frame on top, flip, and put screws back in


cardstock: Stampin' Up! Only Orange

face: Decor Elements decorative vinyl Spooky Expressions
Decor Elements Pumpkin Clock in basket

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Princess Danell said...

So clever. Maybe I'll do that with my Spooky Expressions!

Regina said...

hi, Tasha
what a great idea!

Kelly Howard said...

We don't celebrate Halloween but I can definitely see me doing this to personalize for gifts...awesome! My mind is spinning ideas already! THANKS!

Patti said...

Just adorable! Very creative idea!