Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blog Candy and the Last Peek!

Happy Valentine's Day stampers! I am ready to "spill the beans" about why I've been so busy this week--at least some of the beans. And it doesn't involve stamping or card-making or food!! So in order to win the blog candy you need to leave a comment this week guessing what it is that I did all week! aka "Where In The World Is Tasha Hickert?" picture hint is below
Now on to the peek. This is the third card for March's Cards of the Month Club. I have to get to work so check previous post for COTM details if you are new to my blog. :)
So a recap on the blog candy "rules". You can leave a comment guessing where I am/what I have been doing this week for one entry. You can leave a comment each day for another entry. Contest ends at 9pm CST on Saturday, Feb. 21. I will post the candy prize pic soon.
Have a great day--hope you can share it with someone you love!


Emily said...

I Know where you've been all week, but I won't give it away....hope you get some time to relax!!!!

Heather said...

I know where you've been all week too, but Emily and I don't count so I won't tell either!!!

Your cards for the COTM club this month are all really cute!!!


Shonda said...

I'd have to say you were working with the florist for Valentine's Day!

Gene said...

Shopping for plants for your spring garden.