Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Cake!

I am sharing a picture of my turkey cake. Some have inquired as to what that is. It all stems from a hunt I had last year for "lamby cake". My SIL's husband's family has few traditions and one thing he remembers from growing up is they always had a cake in the shape of a lamb. With the SIL being out of the country with her job for much of last winter/spring, I took on the job of locating a pan that might be "the one" for making said cake. Ebay to the rescue! I managed to find a collection of lamb and Easter cake pans with one touted as vintage. Lacking time, I had the package sent to them and sure enough, the "vintage" one was it. When we arrived for Easter the cake was made and being decorated. It was fun to hear each time one of his family members arrived and went to the kitchen. All reactions were "hey--lamby cake!! Oh, hi Monica" :)

So shopping last fall at Williams-Sonoma I came across a turkey cake pan and the rest is history!I do have to say I am NOT showing off my decorating job! It was definitely a rush job. And I realize I blurred the beak when I blurred the background, but for those of you who couldn't picture it, at least now you can see it!
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Now that Christmas push is on!
For those in the area, just a reminder that I am having the Christmas Tag Punch Art Classes this weekend. There is one Friday night, 7-9 and Sat. morning 10-12. You must RSVP by Thursday night.

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