Saturday, November 22, 2008

48-Hours of Insanity and Tip of the Day

On Wed. afternoon about 4:30 I read in the paper that our local hospital was having it's annual employee craft fair/bake sale on Friday and any employee/family could call to reserve a table. Well it just so happens that my neighbor/friend/upline (Heather) is also a call-in RN for labor and delivery at that same hospital. So I called her and within 5 minutes we were full-fledged craft fair participants. I do have to mention that it was listed as 8am-4pm which didn't sound too bad but after registering us the lady said "set up starts at 6:30". Eek, that's early! Keep in mind neither of us has done this before and not having planned on it, we had nothing ready! So I headed off to church with the kids for 2-1/2 hours for their Wed. programs and at 9pm we had our kids to bed, Heather came over, and we started planning for our Friday event.

Long story short, we had lots of nice cards, ornaments, and sample cards they could order. We made quite a few contacts that are interested in classes, sold some things, took some orders, and all in all had a good day though we were fairly delirious from lack of sleep. Which leads me to my:

Tip of the Day: Always allow at least 4 days to prepare for a craft show! lol :)

I'll be back tomorrow with new pics. and more ideas. I am heading up Heather's club tomorrow since she is out of town. That should be fun.

Thanks for stopping by! Till next time, Tasha

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Heather Schlatter said...

I am not sure now! I am thinking 5 days might be even nicer and we could throw a few hours of sleep in there too if we had 5 days!!!