Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Fun

This is some of what will be served at the kids' party tonight! Have a great Halloween!

Mummy Pizzas (idea from Kara's Kitchen Creations)
Monster Sandwiches (idea from Kara's Kitchen Creations)
Hers are much cuter--I forgot the fangs and the hair!
Eyeballs (have seen these suggested lots of places)
And it will be washed down with Swamp Punch which is grape and orange Kool-Aid with Sprite and gummy fish.


Eugene said...

Looking mouth-watering, Tasha, and wishing I were a kid again! Lol
Cool cardin',
PS What's the house number again?

Danni said...

How fun! I want some!

Tasha Hickert said...

Too bad you're so far away! We had a fun time and the weather cooperated so we could be out back. The neighbors were probably glad we wrapped up at nine!

Emily said...


Kathleen said...

Cool Halloween food Tasha. I think it's neat when people really get into the holidays like you did.
btw, thanks for the info about zucchini making a good dessert. I sure didn't know that!