Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Saturday Sketch on Wednesday

Hi and welcome. I actually did the sketch on Saturday, but since I didn't have my camera back yet, I wasn't able to take a picture. This card is uses Lauren Meader's mytimess18 and is also a card I did for the inspiration challenge at scs this week. Even if you don't want to do the challenge, you ought to check it out because the inspiration link is to an unbelievable cake site.
I was inspired by the cake called For the Record which is on page one at Cake Nouveau. Colors are tempting turquoise, black and whisper white. Hats are from SU! Party Hearty and diamonds are from SU! Classis Backgrounds.
Today we spent 2 hours in the dr. office (mostly waiting of course). It seemed much longer since we were the last appt. and the place was pretty much closed down and it was dark out by the time we left. And I am exhausted due to stress because we had to make the decision to send our 12-yr.-old for surgery. For those who know me very well I tend to be very cautious and skeptical of the medical profession so this was not an easy choice. If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that he tore his labrum in football. He has been through 2 rounds of physical therapy (about 10 weeks of going 2/wk.) and most of his strength/motion has improved immensely; however, he cannot throw. That motion just can't be done without a lot of pain that lasts a few days. If we don't get it fixed that means no baseball (he's a pitcher), no swimming except for dogpaddle, no wrestling, no handstands or general fooling around, and a potential for serious injury in football. So it isn't exactly a decision, just tough to face it. On the upside, my dad and FIL both had this surgery done 2 years ago so we are fairly familiar with the process and recovery. :)
And then on my selfish side I am thinking about how I am going to work this all in with workshops coming up, Sale-a-Bration, a women's retreat at church that I am partially in charge of, the Pinewood Derby, and the other two kids' birthdays. Maybe it is bumming me out because I do have so much going on and usually I hibernate in January. That is my time to recuperate after working and running so much during the growing season--March-November.
If you're still reading, I hope I didn't bum you out too much. I promise that's it for complaining and I will be back to my cheerful and synical self tomorrow. ;)
Till next time, Tasha

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