Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Mess and A Sweet Card

Okay, okay I am going to fess up and show my "skeleton in the closet". I am a rather organized person but something has happened to me and my stamping area. Part of it is the influx of supplies and equipment and part of it was being so busy through the Christmas rush. But..oh my!! This first one is as I walk in. The blue blanket is where I have been sitting when I work on the floor (see my Scor-Pal to the right?).
The next pic is just to the left. And the last pic. is just beyond the chair. This is where I cut and stamp usually. I hope that this will make everyone else feel better about themselves--not have nightmares!!
While I was taking these pictures and trying to work on Christmas cards again (that's the green stuff on my table), my dd made this card for me. She was upset that the words did not come out perfectly but found a way to fix them--good girl! I gave her my old dauber duos and she has had fun with those.
Thanks for stopping by today! Till next time, Tasha


Heather Schlatter said...

Well I have to laugh!!! DH always has that way of making me feel soooo good about myself!! I called him over to look at these pics hoping it would help show Him I am not the only one!!!

Guess what he said????

OH Wow that is a Mess......
Well but it at least looks like she actually has room to work in her room and she at least stamps in there where she is supposed to!!

Big Huge Sigh will he never compliment me on anything????

SO Big Kuddo's for stamping in your stamp room!!!!

Love Ya!!


Emily said...

I end up in a mess, but I must always reorganize before I can's just the way i am!!! I have A.d.d. so I wouldn't get anything done it an unorganized room!!!! I'm glad you got your christmas stuff out, it's kind of a pain for one month, but it is also fun at the same tim!!!

Kristin Eberline said...

OMG...I'm dying laughing! This IS my craft room! My husband would have a stroke on the spot if I were to upload pictures of my mess. I'm cleaning and organizing it this weekend so maybe he'll be okay with before and after pics :O) THANK YOU for sharing! Like Heather, I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that I'm not the only one! LOL