Saturday, August 16, 2008

Most Versatile Set

I sat down today with one of the few sets I have that hasn't retired and made a few simple cards. I remember now why I like Heartfelt Thanks so much--it is so versatile! When it first came out I saw it only with pale colors and wasn't impressed but I bought it anyway. And I have been glad ever since. So I hope these inspire those of you who have it to get out your set and use it again. Enjoy!

The black flower outline is part of the 2-step stampin' flower in the kit. The black background has the same flower with versa-mark (trust me--it's there).

I created the background by using the base flower from the 2-step stampin'. I stamped it 3 times after inking to get the watercolor effect. Colors on this are cameo coral, pretty in pink, and apricot appeal.

This palette is gable green, certainly celery, bashful blue and ballet blue.

I just love the black/white gingham ribbon so I find myself using red/white/black to accomodate it! On this card I used real red. The background is done by inking in black and stamping it off on scrap paper till the stamp is nearly clean, then using versa-mark so you get a VERY light black.

This is on a Scallop Notes card so it is quite small. When I get better at taking pictures the colors will be more true, but it gets the point across.

Okay, this is NOT HFT, but I got side-tracked when I went to get a piece of cardstock and ended up making this one too. I wouldn't post it but the set is current so what the heck. I did some gold embossing on some of the stars, and clear embossing on the MVP to give the this more dimension.

So that's it! I have learned to add photos and this only took me 8 hours!!! Well, you have to take the times I stopped to fix a bike, pick tomatoes and okra, hold a funeral for the chicken that I wrestled away from the dog, counsel my youngest 2 and 3 neighbor kids about death and heaven, cook dinner, pack the husband's dinner for work, start the get the idea. In fact, it's amazing I finished in one day.

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend as well. School started last week so I have high hopes of making some more things this week along with visiting lots of other blogs.

Till next time, Tasha

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